Areola repigmentation is the last step in what I can only imagine to have been a very hard journey.  You will be treated with the utmost care and respect as together, we design what will make you feel whole again.  All repigmentation will be done by tattoo, having a 3-D effect in mind.  All procedures will be done in the beautiful office of Dr. Brandon Reynolds, in a private and sterile environment.  

Areola and nipple creation is not a one-step process.  First, clients come in for a consultation so we can meet each other and talk about your procedure.  During the consultation, I'll take a look at "the canvas"; we'll come up with a loose design plan as far as size, shape, placement and color; you can ask me any questions, and schedule your appointment. You'll also receive information on how to prepare for the repigmentation.  

When you come in for your scheduled procedure, we will solidify the design plan and then comes the fun part...the tattooing!  Most women who have undergone reconstructive surgery have very little feeling left in their breasts, but I always numb everything topically anyway.  In the rare case where you do feel more than you want to, I have other methods of numbing.  I want you to be as comfortable as possible!  This should not be painful.  Like any other tattoo, immediately afterwards, it will be red and inflamed.  Don't be alarmed!  This is normal and this is not how your nipples will look once they've healed!  They will be less red, less bright and should fade to our desired color.  You will receive a complete after-care kit to take home, along with detailed instructions on how to care for your new tattoo.  

In 6 - 8 weeks, you'll come back for your follow up appointment where we'll take a look at how you've healed and do any necessary touchups, such as any uneven pigmentation or a larger desired circumference than originally planned, etc.  

Unlike traditional tattoos, because of the special pigment used, this type of tattoo will not last forever.  Fading is different for everyone.  Some people's tattoos will start to fade after two years; for other's, it can be more like 5 years.  When you are ready for a touch up to refresh your tattoos, we'll schedule you to come in, no consultation necessary. We want to keep you looking as natural as possible!  That's my goal for you through this process.  I love being able to help women feel physically and emotionally restored.